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In 2019, National Expungement Week will return to Chicago. Our events will help people impacted by the justice system to learn about upcoming changes in the law and begin restoring access to jobs, housing, voting, and more. Thank you for getting involved!

In Illinois, some convictions are sealable, but the process can be time-consuming and costly. Your financial contribution will help make this process as easy, free, and accessible for those who need it. In 2020, automatic expungement will begin for people convicted of many cannabis offenses, so we will be educating people about the new law and its effects on our communities.  
Last year, we were able to secure sponsorships from local dispensaries, manufacturers, law offices, and ancillary businesses.  Being a sponsor of a national effort such as this is a sure way to amplify your commitment to social justice efforts, while helping the communities you serve to be free from the collateral consequences of past charges that can affect every facet of their lives -- from jobs to housing to school and beyond. 
Aside from feeling good and taking action towards social justice reparations, your sponsorship can include a mention in the local press release, social media engagement, and a digital badge. 
Thanks again for supporting this important work.